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Request for Overload Approval

Tampa Campus College of Arts and Sciences Majors ONLY

Submitting this request does not guarantee that you will receive an approval to take more credit hours than the semester maximum (>18 Fall/Spring, >14 Summer). You will receive the results of your request (approval or denial) by email at the email address you provide on the form. Overload requests are processed within 2 business days of submission, but can take longer if submitted during early registration. Be sure to give a full explanation as to the reason you are making this request. The semester maximum credit hour limit is in place to ensure students have the amount of time necessary both in and out of the classroom to be successful in their courses. For example, an 18 hour semester course load expects that a student is putting in at least 54 hours of weekly homework time, in addition to the 18 hours each week they will spend in class. It is also this University’s and our College’s mission to reduce student indebtedness (excessively high student loans to repay). Therefore, we do not wish to encourage students to take too many classes putting them at risk of failing or withdrawing which requires the student to pay for the class a second time.

  • Students must be in good academic standing for their petition to be considered. Students with GPAs below 3.0 are less likely to be granted an Overload Request.
  • Any request which involves more than 1 course over the limit is less likely to be granted an Overload Request.

Request for Overload Approval
Since taking an overload is not in a student’s best interest, please explain the why you are requesting to take an overload of classes for this semester