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Please gather all information and images and finalize event details before submitting this form.

If you'd like to submit information for our semesterly news posting, see submission instructions on our News page.

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Instructions if you already made a flyer
  • Attach PNG or JPG/JPEG images only. (No PDFs.)
  • Naming: If possible, please name your file with the 8-digit numeric date (yyyymmdd), and a shortened version of the event name, lowercase and separated by dashes. Example: "flyer-20190220-blank-pages.png"
Instructions for requesting a flyer
  • Attach any images you would like to provide, using a descriptive file name.
  • Include all required specifications (colors, image placement, what text to include, etc.) in the box below or in an attached Word document.
Attach any files hereOn PC you can use CTRL and select multiple. MAC you can use OPTION and select multiple.