Withdraw from Co-Req Form

By submitting the below form, you are requesting the necessary permits that will allow you to withdraw from a course while remaining in the co-requisite. For example, withdrawing from BSC 2011 lecture, while remaining enrolled in the BSC 2011L lab.

Students are eligible to withdraw from either lecture or lab and remain in the wanted co-requisite.

This petition must be submitted by 3 PM on the Friday before the Withdraw deadline. There is no guarantee a petition submitted after this time will be approved in time for the withdraw deadline.

Please make sure that you are aware of the Withdraw Deadline by reviewing the USF Registrar’s Academic Calendar.

General Information

If you need the same permission for a second course on the list, please submit a second request.

You will receive a confirmation email from our office once your petition has been approved.

It is your responsibility to verify your permit in OASIS prior to withdrawing from the above selected course.

Our office will not withdraw you from the course. Once your petition has been approved, it is your responsibility to withdraw yourself from the above, selected course.