Permit Request Form

Only for undergraduate English courses on the Tampa campus.

There are three sections to this form. First, complete the student information section. Second, check the boxes for the courses for which you are requesting a permit. Finally, go to the bottom of the form to finish and submit. Please note that the Department of English does not accept hard copies of this form.
For Sarasota-Manatee and St. Petersburg campus permit requests, contact your advisor.

Section 1. Student Information

Section 2. Course Selection

  • The Department of English does not issue closed-section permits.
  • Permits allow the student to register for the course (if open). Permits do not register the student; it is the student's responsibility to register for desired courses after receiving the permit.
  • Permits are issued on a first come, first served basis.
  • Students should use OASIS as their confirmation that a permit has been processed; the permit will appear in the Registration Status screen of OASIS.
  • Requests for permits are NOT processed after hours or on weekends.
  • Permits do not guarantee a seat in the course.
  • Permit requests will be completed within a week’s time. 
  • Errors can occur on OASIS. The Department of English is not responsible for activity on OASIS.

Permits are no longer required for CRW courses. Instead, students will be able to register for CRW courses for Fall 2018 according to the following timeline:

March 26 – April 8 / CRW majors only may register for CRW courses
April 9, 8:30am – April 15 / CRW majors AND minors may register for CRW courses
April 16, 8:30am – April 29 / ALL English majors and minors may register for CRW courses
April 30, 8:30am / ALL USF students may register for CRW courses

Please remember:

  • You must take Fiction courses in sequence: CRW 3111 Form & Technique of Fiction before CRW 3112 Fiction I, Fiction I before CRW 3121 Fiction II
  • You must take Poetry courses in sequence: CRW 3311 Form & Technique of Poetry before CRW 3312 Poetry I, Poetry I before CRW 3321 Poetry II
  • You must have a minimum of 9-12 credit hours of CRW course work before taking CRW 4930 Selected Topics
  • You may take CRW 4930 up to two times as long as it is a different topic/section

For ENC 3246 Communication for Engineers course seekers:

Due to the overwhelming need for ENC 3246 Communication for Engineers, we do not accept permit requests. This course is an exit course restricted to students already accepted into the College of Engineering who are juniors and seniors who need the course to graduate on time.

  • If you are currently a Junior or Senior in the College of Engineering and still can’t register for the course:
    • Please verify that you are not attempting to register for ENC 3246 for Industrial Engineers. If you are and you are not an Industrial Engineer, please choose a different section to register for
    • If you are still unable to register for the course, and you are currently a Junior or Senior in the College of Engineering, please contact the undergraduate advisor at
  • If you are a student who will be a junior at the end of the Spring semester, please wait until your status changes and you will be able to register for the course. We will not issue a permit for you to register sooner.
  • Any available/open seats will be released during add/drop week for students with 45 credits or more, so please be patient and wait until then to register for the course if you are in this category. We will not issue a permit.
  • If you are an international student who is unable to find any other courses with which to maintain a full-time load and you are unable to register for the course, contact your engineering advisor immediately to have them send us a permit request on your behalf. We will not issue a permit without an Engineering Advisor’s direct request.

Section 3. Form Submission

Please contact your English advisor for additional questions or concerns at  

Please complete if you have additional comments about your permit request.