Mathematics Teaching Seminar

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Wednesday, October 23, 2012

Title: The Benefits of Teaching Math Students Networking Skills
Speaker: Joy D’Andrea
Time: 12:55pm‐1:45pm
Place: EDU 161


As educators, most of us have had the shy students who want to stay invisible in the classroom. If we can encourage, inspire, and influence some networking skills into the classroom (for any subject or field), those shy students may have the chance to break out of their shell. Networking builds contacts, contacts build lists, and lists of contacts build future opportunities, such as internships, graduate school, and jobs. In this session, we will discuss and present ideas for teaching networking skills to math students through group work, group projects, and group presentations. Additionally we will show previous work of this process and discuss the outcomes. The session should be structured in a roundtable discussion matter. Handouts and an activity will be included in this session. Please bring a pen or a pencil.