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Permit Request Form

For Undergraduate Student Courses Only

There are 3 sections. First complete the student information section. Second, check the boxes for the courses for which you are requesting a permit. Finally go to the bottom of the form to finish and submit.

In Prerequisite Column:
Denotes courses that can be taken either as a prerequisite (taken prior) or as a co-requisite (taken concurrently).
CI: Consent of Instructor required

  1. All courses outside the parenthesis must be taken; and
  2. One of the courses or sets of courses inside the parenthesis must be taken.

In Check Column:
Blank = Course is not offered this semester
= Select course for permit.
* = See additional notes listed in the prerequisites column for instructions to receive a permit for this course — these courses may not receive permits using this form.

Student Information:

Full Name:



I am:


Select the course(s) for which you are requesting a permit (one checkbox for each request). Please choose courses for which you are eligible. Cascading Prerequisites are STRICTLY enforced — which must be passed with a C or better.

Please keep in mind that the catalog prerequisite (i.e., MAC 1147) for the algebra-based courses (i.e., PHY 2053/2053L and PHY 2054/2054L) may not be enforced in the system, nonetheless is still required. Also, unless you have previous credit for either the lecture or lab, both must be taken together. PHY 2053, PHY 2053L, PHY 2054, and PHY 2054L permits are only required for lecture only/lab only requests, which require proof of the co-requisite being previously passed.

 Course NumberTitlePrerequisites
AST 3930AstrophysicsPHY 3101
PHY 2048 General Physics I MAC 2281 or MAC 2311. Must also take PHY 2048L, unless previously completed PHY 2048L or PHY 2053L.
PHY 2048LGeneral Physics I Laboratory MAC 2281 or MAC 2311. Must also take PHY 2048, unless previously completed PHY 2048.
PHY 2049 General Physics IIMAC 2282 or MAC 2312, PHY 2048, PHY 2048L. Must also take PHY 2049L, unless previously completed PHY 2049L or PHY 2054L.
PHY 2049L General Physics II LaboratoryMAC 2282 or MAC 2312, PHY 2048, PHY 2048L. Must also take PHY 2049, unless previously completed PHY 2049.
PHY 2053 (lecture only)General Physics I (Algebra Based)Must have previously completed PHY 2053L or PHY 2048L
PHY 2053L (lab only)General Physics I LaboratoryMust have previously completed PHY 2053
PHY 2054 (lecture only)General Physics II (Algebra Based)PR: PHY 2053 and PHY 2053L
Must have previously completed PHY 2054L or PHY 2049L.
PHY 2054L (lab only)General Physics II LaboratoryPR: PHY 2053 and PHY 2053L
Must have previously completed PHY 2054.
PHY 2060Enriched Physics I w/ calculusMAC 2311 or MAC 2281 with minimum grade of 'B' CR: PHY 2048L
PHY 2061Enriched Physics II w/ calculusMAC 2312 or MAC 2282 with a minimum grade of B and PHY 2060 or PHY 2048 with a minimum grade of B. CR: PHY 2049L
PHY 3101 Modern Physics PHY 2049, PHY 2049L, MAC 2283 or MAC 2313
PHY 3220Classical MechanicsPHY 3101 and PHZ 3113
PHY 3323 Electricity and Magnetism IPHY 3101 and PHZ 3113
PHY 3822L Intermediate LaboratoryCR: PHY 3101
PHY 4324Electricity and Magnetism IIPHY 3323
PHY 4523Statistical Physics PHY 3220 or PHY 3323; PHY 4604
PHY 4604 Introduction to Quantum MechanicsPHY 3101 and PHZ 3113
PHY 4823LAdvanced LaboratoryPHY 3822LL
PHY 4936Special Topics in PhysicsPlease see course description in OASIS for required pre-requisites and specify CRN in "Additional Comments"
PHZ 3113Mathematical Methods in Physics PHY 2049, PHY 2049L, MAC 2283 or MAC 2313
  • Permits allow the student to register for the course (if open). Permits do not register the student — it is the student's responsibility to register for desired courses after receiving the permit. A permit does not obligate the student to take the course.
  • Most requests for permits will receive an e-mail; however, students should use OASIS as their confirmation — the permit will appear on OASIS.
  • Requests will be processed within 2 working days, except during high-volume times. High volume times include: the week prior to school starting, the first two weeks of school, and the first month of registration. Requests for permits are NOT processed after hours or on weekends.
  • Permits do not guarantee a seat in the course.
  • Errors can occur on OASIS. The Physics Department is not responsible for activity on OASIS.
  • Students with prerequisite courses taken at an another institution cannot obtain a permit until the course has been completed and student can provide documentation of final passing grade.

Selection of this box is REQUIRED for receiving a permit. By selecting this box you are confirming that you have read the entirety of this form, and understand the Physics Department’s course permit process, including:

Please see the Physics Department web site academic course page for more information regarding Department of Physics course descriptions.

Students should consult their major academic advisor with regard to which type of physics (i.e., algebra-based vs. calculus-based) is needed. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the correct physics sequence is being taken along with meeting the prerequisites (see physics academic course page). When in doubt, contact your academic advisor!

I will be attaching documentation of completion of pre-requisites to this form.

Please complete if you have additional comments about your permit request.